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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Two Ways to Track Training Progress in Schoox

06 July 2023

Quarterly Product Review, July 2023 

For learning to be successful, L&D leaders and training managers need the ability to track training progress across their teams, and to check in with individual team members to provide feedback and support as needed. That’s why we built Schoox with features and functionalities that make it easy to track learner activity and connect with employees to encourage continuous improvement.

In Q2, we introduced the My Team’s Dashboard to give managers easier access to the training insights and information they need about each of their employees, all in one place. We’re also excited to introduce coaching in Schoox and share a number of enhancements to help businesses make the most of this feature.

Introducing the My Team’s Dashboard

Tracking progress and training completion is essential to the learning process. One of the biggest enhancements we made to Schoox last quarter was the introduction of the My Team’s Dashboard—one convenient place for managers to access all the information they need about their team’s learning activity.

With the My Team’s Dashboard, all the widgets and dashboards training managers know and love are easier to access and better than before. It consolidates course progress, completion, information about on-the-job training, exams, events, and more for every team member in one intuitive place. Click through different tabs in the dashboard for deeper information about specific areas of a learner’s progress, or simply look at a consolidated view with quick stats about everyone’s progress. My Team’s Dashboard also makes it easier to track skills and metrics, new hire onboarding progress, and compliance.

My Team’s Dashboard not only allows training managers to see every learner’s training and assignments, but also assess their overall growth. With a view of everyone’s progress at once, training managers and L&D leaders may notice patterns, enabling them to adjust training or create new programs to address knowledge gaps.

View of what a manager could see when looking to track training progress of team members
Get a consolidated view of all team members’ training activity, and click for more information. 

Making the Most of Coaching in Schoox

Online training is great, but in some work situations, there is no replacement for human-to-human interaction. Coaching is a new way for training managers and business leaders to schedule valuable one-on-one time with team members to check on employee performance, gauge their skill levels, and provide additional support if needed. 

Coaching in Schoox can help managers ensure employees are following proper protocol or specific operational procedures, like stacking cups the right way at a bar or making sure each delivery truck is packed in a particular order. Coaching also provides an opportunity for managers and team leaders to provide mentorship to employees who are looking to advance their careers.

Schoox makes coaching easy by empowering training admins and managers to create custom forms with specific fields relevant to each session. Forms can include fields for comments, yes or no questions, checklists, signature collections, image uploads, and more. This helps maximize the effectiveness of each coaching session for both managers and employees, and ensures everyone is on the same page. Coaching sessions can be scheduled to be recurring or one-time events as needed.

Create custom forms for notes, images, and more to make the most of each coaching session with employees
Create custom forms with fields for notes, images, and more to make the most of each coaching session with employees.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Schoox Workplace Learning Blog for more updates on coaching, and follow us on LinkedIn to stay connected.

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