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Why the Top Fastest Growing Franchises Are Choosing Schoox for their Corporate Training

13 May 2015

Franchising is perhaps one of the best ways to evaluate a company’s growth better- a clear measure of business success. However, setting-up an international franchise is one thing; running it successfully by maintaining the same level of product/service quality and standards is another. And this is what differentiates the top fastest growing franchises in the world from the pack. All their franchise units adhere to the same standards, rules, and regulations, offering customers the same quality and service no matter when or where they visit their company.

Quality standards compliance and assurance in all franchise units spread across the globe is a challenging task. You need to continuously train your employees to ensure they comply with the rules & standards and stay abreast with the new industrial developments. This is imperative to success, but, extremely costly. Organizing workshops, corporate training sessions, arranging events, booking venues, and flying quality trainers from one location to the another can add up to your business expense dramatically. And this is one of the top reasons why some of the top fastest growing franchises are opting for Schoox for their corporate trainings.

Cloud Based Mobile Learning Management System

Schoox is a next generation full-cloud based mobile learning management system exclusively designed to keep the millennials (the emerging workforce Gen Y) and the challenges faced by businesses in focus and consideration. It uses the same infrastructure as Netflix and is compatible with all browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, & Chrome and operating systems like iOS and Android.

It is a modern, social and mobile learning platform that can be easily integrated with any HR solution. Simply put, Schoox allows franchises to train & develop employees and implement procedures that create consistency among all franchise units scattered worldwide without adding to your operational expense.

Powerful Administration Panel-Content Management and Knowledge Sharing at Your Finger Tips

What franchises using the Schoox LMS for their corporate training programs really love is its powerful administration panel which gives them complete control to manage training programs and resources, and share relevant knowledge with their employees at different designations in different franchise units, and that too with just a few clicks.

The administration panel features options to add lectures, create exams, upload supplemental material, assign courses, conduct live classes, share announcements, conduct instructor led trainings, and provide virtual on-job training. Also, it gives you the flexibility to choose any type of content format such as videos, SCORM, pdfs, ppts and more. In addition to this, you can update lectures without any hassle, change lecture visibility status, assign a course to individual employees, and test them too.

Flexible Org Structure

Schoox’s org module has an innovative way of dealing with org structures and hierarchies. Software applications have generally difficulties in dealing with complex org structures and hierarchies. Even advanced org modules in enterprise software applications can handle only pyramid style hierarchies, which is the way most of the organizations like corporations are structured.

Things are very different with multi unit organizations like chains of restaurants or retail stores and generally franchise organizations. In these types of organizations we usually encounter a completely different organizational structure. Stores, restaurants or studios for example are associated with different types of organizational nodes at a higher level like districts, regions, owners, brand, concept, market etc. that can be completely independent with no association between them whatsoever.

While most LMS systems support only some user roles like admin, instructor and content creator Schoox’s powerful and patent pending org module can handle literally any org structure no matter how complex it is. For example it’s very common for large multi unit organizations to have a pyramid style hierarchy at the corporate headquarters and a mixed org structure at the stores. The result is to be able to provider a franchisee, a district manager or even a store manager certain permissions like getting reports, assigning courses or assess employees but only limited to employees/stores that are under their authorization.

Location Restriction and Tracking

With Schoox LMS, the possibilities are endless and your business is in your full-control regardless of the geographical distance. Schoox is the only LMS on the market today that provides the option to restrict access. You can create restriction rules by State or group of franchise units based on any criteria or restrict access to training outside of stores. All this can be done either by the static IP of the units or their physical address. And there’s more to it! schooX also empowers businesses to keep track of the time spent on training outside of the working environment. In other words, you’ll know who, where, and when is using the system. Franchisees and district managers can be given separate permission rules to assign courses, get reports and edit users.

Instructor Led Training-Virtual Classrooms

Sometimes you need your trainers to train and interact with your employees in person. For one-on-one interaction or class-based training courses, Schoox features instructor led training virtual classroom support. It allows you to schedule in class training events and offer proper training to employees. Some great features it boasts are face to face video conferences, one-click recording, online chat, and also allows you to connect with up to 200 learners.

Promotes Social Networking and Community Building

Schoox promotes social networking workers across the organization and franchise units can share comments, chat, and interact with each other through Schoox. You can create a group and allow employees to create their own profile. Furthermore, to stir some more excitement, Schoox LMS also has gamification features like badges which employees have to unlock by performing well on different assignments. It gives them the sense of achievement and involves them more in the learning process.

Automated Training

With Schoox, you can save time and money, and promote skill development among new employees. Schoox allows managers to build their own assignments and rules. These assignments are assigned automatically to new employees time and again which helps managers to train them with ease and effectively without overloading new inductees with too much information on their first day at work.

To see how franchise customers are using Schoox, check out our success stories.

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