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What’s New in Schoox? Ready-to-Go Content Channels, Academy Marketplace, and More

30 March 2023
Schoox Q1 Product Blog - Reporting, Content, Academy Marketplace

From administrators and training managers to individual learners both inside and outside your organization, we’re always improving Schoox to provide a better experience for all users of our platform. Here’s a look at some updates we made to the Schoox in the first part of 2023.

Introducing External Content Channels

The best learning programs include a diverse range of content from a variety of sources. And many L&D professionals look to learning experience platforms (LXPs) as a way to provide open content resources, personalized recommendations, and informal learning opportunities to their learners. From day one, Schoox was built as a mobile and social workplace learning platform that meets the requirements you would expect for a learning management system (LMS) as well as the learner-driven capabilities of an LXP.

To further enhance the embedded LXP functionality in Schoox, we’re now offering pre-populated External Content Channels complete with free videos from YouTube that can be used directly in courses and learning programs. With just a few clicks, admins or learning managers can opt to make these videos available to all or select groups of learners, in addition to our many other content solutions.

Q1, Q2, This One’s For You: Schedule and Deliver Reports Every Quarter

Reporting is one of the most useful features of Schoox. Reports eliminate the need to manually track training progress and provide all sorts of information that’s useful to L&D professionals, training managers, and other stakeholders. Admins and managers can select from hundreds of pre-built templates or build their own to include the data most relevant to the audience or question at hand. This could include assessment scores, attendance lists, skill levels, progress toward organizational goals and KPIs, compliance tracking, and more.

Different types of reports can be scheduled in advance to be delivered directly to the inbox of anyone who needs them. To make things even easier, we recently added a new option to have scheduled reports delivered on a quarterly basis. This automates one more workflow for L&D professionals, allowing them to focus on more strategic goals.

Now Playing On-Demand: Offer Academy Content for Purchase

Learning looks different at every organization. For some businesses, learners may not always be internal employees but contract workers, agents, or others who need access to specific training content from outside the organization. In such cases, businesses may opt to offer a library of individual courses available for purchase, similar to on-demand or “pay per view” entertainment.

We recently introduced the Academy Marketplace in Schoox, which allows learners to purchase access to individual courses developed in your academy. Courses available for purchase are displayed on a public listing page with a unique URL, so a Schoox login is not required to view it. That means with a link to the page, anyone from within or outside your organization can easily browse through the available on-demand course offerings. Once they know which course they’d like to purchase, they’ll be directed to create an account in Schoox, complete the transaction, and access the course.

The Academy Marketplace is an ideal way to offer supplemental learning opportunities to employees who are interested or provide secure access to customers, partners, or others who may not be directly employed by your business.

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